Q: Do I need a patch test

A: Yes for all tinting and perming please allow for a 24hr patch test before treatments


Q: Do you accept card payments


A: Yes we accept all major credit and debit cards


Q: What do I need to do before a tan


A: The night before make sure you exfoliate the area, remove any unwanted hair .

The day of the Tan make sure skin of the selected area is clean and free of moisturiser, perfume, deodorant and make up

Wear dark very loose clothing and flip flops


Q: How long does a tan take to develop


A: Please allow 6-8 hours before showering otherwise your tan will not fully develop to the correct level


Q: What about cancelling appointments


A: We hope that in the unfortunate events that you have to cancel, you would provide us with as much notice to allow a reschedule and the possibility of filling the now free time slot